Search by Email

  Pipl Start here first—name, email just paste and check for a quick search.

  1. Luller

    Most comprehensive people search on the web

  2. Social Network Search People search across social networks, blogs and more
  3. Wink Wink searches over 800 million social network profiles via name, age, email address and so on. You can keep the contacts in one place via their interface

Search by Name

  1. Peekyou  People search engine allows you to find, contact, and track anyone online
  2. 123Peolpe
  3. KGBPeolpe  KGBPeople is a very robust engine for finding people and their social networking accounts, web data, pictures and so on
  4. Blog search
  5. Facebook Friend Search
  6. Tweepz   Search for people on Twitter by name, profession, religious background and many other criteria. Twitter grows every day and so the number of people registered
  7. Luller  Lullar is not well-known reverse email and username search engine. I really like their ability to do a reverse email lookup (using the 16 most popular social networking sites) and haven’t found any free website doing a better job on this
  8. Username Check   If you know that the person you’re searching for has an unique username you can use this tool to search by that criteria and see where is he registered
  9. Yasni  Yasni is a mind-blowing resource that you can use to find people by name. Pretty decent resource if you ask me
  10. Wink  Wink searches over 800 million social network profiles via name, age, email address and so on. You can keep the contacts in one place via their interface

10.  Alumni  Alumni provides a list of alumni websites all over the world to help find your classmates. It is the biggest website on the internet of its kind

11.  Zoom  Zoominfo will search for large range of employees for different companies. Use this site to find professionals and workplace friends

12.  Mellisa Data  Search 10 databases and 2,268,819,679 records in a single search. Databases searched include real property records, voters’ registration, current and historical phone records, magazine subscriptions, change of address, national drivers and other proprietary databases.

13.  International Search  Infobel is by far the world’s largest directory of white pages resources. Use it for international people search

14.   ZabaSearch  Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine

15.  Spychat   Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr, BackType    Updates real time so give it time to work.

      16.  Conversation Search Engine   offers to search plenty of social networks. It has a handy interface allowing you to click through the tabs to get more targeted results: social media, microblogging, networks, images, etc. You can also subscribe to any search by RSS to track any changes

17.  Whos Talking
is the most comprehensive of all. It is divided into sections that includes blogs, news, networks, videos, images, and forums. Each of the sections has numerous options to click through.

18.  Social Mention   Real-time social media search and analysis

Search by Image

Reverse Image Search- Upload someone’s profile image and see who it really is.

Search by Phone Number coming soon..